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Do you have tax problems in Georgia? Resolve your tax burdens like thousands of clients have with our tax professionals; CPAs and tax attorneys at Our consultants have successfully handled Tax Controversy Matters since 1991 for clients in almost every industry ranging from small, one-owner businesses to global, publicly traded companies and every size in between. Our firm has locations in many US states, with tax professionals who really know the intricacies of Georgia state and local tax. Sales Tax Helper‘s primary practice area is tax controversy, which means that we defend taxpayers against the Department of Revenue and other taxing authorities from the initial audit notice through litigation as well as handling collections matters.


As a business owner, planning can be critical in the management of state and local taxes. Failure to diligently manage, comply, and plan for state taxes can result in harsh back taxes out of your pocket along with penalties and interest.

Business transactions, whether routine (e.g. a standard sale to a customer) or infrequent (e.g. purchasing new business facilities) can be structured to save a significant amount of taxes. All it takes is taking the time to plan ahead with the right professionals on your team.

Specific business transactions can also be riddled with tax minefields or present tax savings opportunities. Most states have specific rules for purchases of aircraft, art, and motor vehicles. Proper structuring can result in huge state and local tax savings. Many states also have broad manufacturing-related exemptions.

If your business has made large purchases of machines, or repairs of those machines it is important to avoid state and local taxes or seek refunds for taxes paid. As sales tax is often an afterthought, it is often wise to have a Georgia sales tax professional on your team before the transaction happens.

A sales tax professional from Sales Tax Helper can consult with you on correct tax procedures to make sure you pay as little sales tax as possible and recoup sales tax you should not have paid. Further, our firm can also help you in the calculation and record keeping your taxes but can also assist you in legally reducing your tax liability. Your company goals are important, and, with our services, we strive to help you meet them in the most tax-effective method possible. Please realize that by taking the necessary steps to ensure you have a sound tax planning strategy and proper execution.

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