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Over the course of his 40-year legal career, Leslie J. Shaw has narrowed and focused his civil litigation practice to the exclusive subject matter of family law with an emphasis on divorce. He located his family law practice to Reno, NV to represent clients with matters concerning Divorce, Property Division, Child Custody, and Child & Spousal Support.

Representing clients throughout the states of Nevada and California – and being awarded the status of a Certified Specialist in Family Law by the California Board of Legal SpecializationState Bar of California – he continually rededicates himself to representing his clients at the highest possible level. A family law dispute is sometimes the only experience a spouse and/or a parent has ever had with the judicial system; this experience can seem bewildering, it can be anxiety producing, and it often creates a sense of instability and unpredictability about one’s future. Leslie J. Shaw is a family law attorney which has, over the course of the past four decades, represented his clients effectively in advocacy in litigation, and just as importantly, in understanding and addressing those concerns, fears, and anxieties that litigation often creates. His practice in these neighboring states, where issues often arise of consideration or application of the law of one state in another, lends itself to his particular expertise, experience, and knowledge of family law litigation and the client experience of such litigation.

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When your wife takes your house and kids unlawfully, calls you a flight risk in court, demands that you cancel an attempt at a house purchase, calls you unfit to be a parent and has a whole team of attorneys to impose her will, you need help. I had no money for a lawyer and the first two family lawyers I talked to said I was basically screwed and to give up. Then I met Les Shaw. He was able to get his fees paid from the other side and Les represented me in court. Les worked miracles. I got to see my kids 50/50 and I was able to take them to Canada to see their grandparents. When you need help against a Goliath to get a fair ruling you need a tough experienced attorney. I discovered that there is a radical difference in the legal advice that attorney's give out. Les has to be one of the best.
Nick Pullen
Nick Pullen
18:29 24 Jun 19
Very happy with the services of Mr. Shaw and paralegal Chris. Would highly recommend.
Marlyn Rinta
Marlyn Rinta
01:18 14 Jun 19
Leslie Shaw was an incredibly valuable resource when I considered a divorce. He gave me really good advice, he made it very clear that he cared more about people than he did about picking up a case.
Carissa Wilson
Carissa Wilson
18:18 13 Jun 19
I have had the pleasure of working with Reno Divorce Lawyer - Leslie Shaw and he is definately the guy you want in your corner if you are getting a divorce in Reno. He specializes in divorces involving child custody, property division, and child or spousal support. He is very friendly and easy to talk to, as well as one of the most effective Family Law Attorneys in Reno, NV. Highly Recommend.
Derrick Tulali
Derrick Tulali
16:23 02 May 18

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