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Critical Infrastructure Solutions serving in Sparks

At Critical Infrastructure Group, LLC. Sparks, we are experts of experience providing new and used critical infrastructure equipment. With CI Group, you can buy, sell, rent, and service the following equipment: Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS Systems), Diesel and Natural Gas Generators, Precision Cooling, Modular Data Centers.

Our Primary Focus Is To Save You TIME And MONEY With Our IN-STOCK INVENTORY!

UPS Systems – Uninterrupted Power Supply

Don’t suffer from the effects of an unplanned power outage. UPS systems are the most reliable backup power sources. We offer different uninterruptible power systems including new and UPS refurbished systems. We also offer UPS rentals. We focus on both new and used Liebert and Eaton UPS systems.

ATS – Automatic Transfer Switches

ATS is essential if you lose power. These switches will transfer the electrical load from one source to another. We offer many used automatic transfer switch (ATS) options. These include products that come with a bypass-isolation switch.

Modular Data Center

We collaborate with our customers to design data centers that meet your demands. We analyze your electrical capabilities as well as your data and mechanical needs to create a data center that will stand any power outage. This includes creating a UPS data center and other data center types.


Need more help with your data and recovery? We offer a variety of services to make data management easier. Visit our services page for more information.

Your Source for UPS Systems and UPS Rentals

CI Group offers Eaton UPS systems and UPS rentals, as well as different services such as data center decommissioning. You can easily sell your equipment and remove your equipment with our help. Contact us today to get started.

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UPS Rental Systems
eaton ups
ups rental
eaton 9130
eaton 9px
eaton 9355
eaton 5px
eaton 93pm
eaton 9130 ups
eaton 9155
powerware 9125
eaton battery
eaton 3s 550
eaton 9sx
powerware ups
eaton 9390
eaton battery backup
eaton 5p
eaton 5px 1500
powerware 9120
eaton 9170
eaton 5px 3000
eaton 5110
eaton 5px 2200
eaton bladeups
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eaton 93e
eaton ups systems
eaton 9px6k
powerware 5125
eaton 9395
ferrups fe series
eaton 5s
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eaton 5s 1500
eaton 3s
powerware 9170
powerware 5115
eaton 5115
eaton 5130
eaton 5s1500lcd
eaton 93pm ups
eaton 5sc
eaton 5p ups
powerware 9315
eaton 9155 ups
eaton 9px5k
eaton powerware 9355
eaton ferrups
eaton 9px 6000
eaton 3s750
eaton 9135
eaton ups 1500
eaton ups battery
eaton powerware 9130
powerware 9130
eaton ipp
eaton 9px 3000
eaton intelligent power protector
eaton 5sc1500
eaton 5px ups
eaton 5s ups
eaton 5s 1000
powerware 9355
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eaton powerware ups
eaton 5px1500rt
eaton ex 3000
eaton ups companion
eaton ebm
powerware 9390
eaton powerware 9390
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eaton 93e ups
eaton 9sx ups
eaton online ups
eaton 9390 ups
eaton 1500
eaton 5p 1550
eaton 9px ebm
eaton ex 1500
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ups eaton 9130
eaton 3s 420.00 ups ups
eaton 5125
eaton uninterruptible power supply
eaton 3s 750
eaton 5px2200rt
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powerware 9155
eaton 5p550r
eaton 3000va ups
eaton pw9130
eaton 5sc ups
eaton power xpert gateway
eaton 5s1000lcd
eaton 5p1500rc
eaton network card
eaton 5s 550
eaton 5p 750
eaton 9px 1500
ferrups ups
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power xpert gateway
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ups 9130
powerware 9330
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eaton apc
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powerware emp
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9355 ups
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